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Shop Custom Ford Broncos and Jeep Wranglers for Sale in Tampa, FL

New trucks for sale often feel as though they’re lacking something. When you’re willing to spend considerable money on an off-road-capable SUV, such as a Jeep or Ford Bronco, that vehicle should fully reflect everything you want in terms of appearance and features. That makes for one of our strongest-held beliefs at Florida Auto Sales Group.


We carry one of the largest selections of upgraded and modified Broncos and Jeeps for sale in the state of Florida, so whether you’re searching for lightly modified new and used trucks or ones that have been upgraded in every way possible, our inventory is one you cannot pass up.

New Trucks for Sale — Tampa — Ford Bronco

Buyers have many choices for new and used cars, but the Ford Bronco remains one of the most sought-after. It holds its value better than its rivals and can even be found selling for over MSRP. In other words, the Bronco has been an unmistakable sales success, offering the rugged, all-terrain prowess one would expect from its namesake. Off-road enthusiasts continue to celebrate its return to production, and demand has stayed consistently high.

Desirable as it is fresh from the factory, however, the Bronco is ripe for upgrading, and if you are looking for new trucks for sale in Florida with pre-installed upgrades, look no further than the selection of new Broncos available at Florida Auto Sales Group

Here, you can find new Broncos with light upgrades and enhanced cosmetic details — a flashier set of rims, for instance — alongside heavily upgraded Broncos with high-end sound systems, custom leather interiors, lift kits, and color-matched bumpers. We also take care to stock a favorable mix of V6 and I-4-powered Broncos.

Used Trucks for Sale — Tampa — Ford Bronco

Many owners purchase new and used Jeeps and Broncos with the intent of modifying them and then immediately turning around and selling them. That may sound like an unfavorable situation, but in actuality, it gives you an opportunity to buy a low mileage example vehicle, complete with desirable modifications, for much less than it would cost to buy the same truck brand-new and have the modifications done yourself.

Of course, that isn’t to say the Broncos we stock are high-mileage and full of problems. Though we use the term “used trucks for sale,” “barely used” would be the better descriptor. Many of our used Broncos have clocked fewer than 1,000 miles, and they each have clean titles with no frame damage, no odometer rollbacks, and no flood damage, all with their factory warranties still in effect.

New Trucks for Sale — Tampa — Jeep

The first vehicle that comes to mind regarding the subject of an off-road-capable truck is most likely a Jeep. Gladiators and Wranglers continue the tradition started by the original Army Jeeps of the 1940s, easily conquering any terrain. The Wrangler, in particular, has been around since 1987, a time when AMC still owned the brand, and it continues to be one of the most sought-after new cars for sale in Florida.

The Gladiator debuted during the 2019 model year to much fanfare, being the first new Jeep pickup truck since the Comanche faded out in 1992. Both the Wrangler and the Gladiator offer the rugged, go-anywhere, survive-anything experience Jeeps are renowned for.

Florida Auto Sales Group is proud to offer a variety of incredible new Jeeps for sale, from lightly modded examples to the upgraded Jeeps of your dreams. Whether you want an I-4 turbo or a V6 with eTorque, you’ll find them here. When it comes to Jeeps for sale, Tampa knows that Florida Auto Sales Group is the place to go.

Used Trucks for Sale — Tampa — Jeep

For the best selection of low-mileage used Jeeps for sale in Florida, Florida Auto Sales Group is the ultimate destination. We carry both Wranglers and Gladiators that have been well-cared for and made more eye-catching with the most stylish modifications. Other lots may have used Jeeps for sale, but they are nothing like the quality, upgraded examples we have available.

Used trucks for sale in Florida can often be a gamble in terms of condition, as you can’t always trust that sellers have performed modifications properly, but you can put such worries aside at Florida Sales Auto Group. There’s a reason our name is at the top of the Google results for phrases like “Used Jeeps for sale Tampa,” and that is because we are experts at performing upgrades. We never allow a subpar vehicle to end up in the hands of any of our customers.

Customization and Upgrades

Florida Auto Sales Group may already offer one of the biggest selections of trucks for sale in Florida, but our expert team also performs modifications and upgrades that are as high quality as factory-direct examples. If you have a Jeep, Bronco, or other vehicle that needs some modification and upgrading, we can perform any of the following:

  • Install lift kits with premium nitrogen-charged shocks
  • Place new rims
  • Perform cosmetic upgrades, such as grill installations and paint
  • Change out bodywork, such as installing a new hood or roof
  • Install push bars, tube doors, and trail doors
  • Position new lights
  • Install a winch
  • Tint windows
  • Relocate the spare tire
  • Install a stubby antenna

It isn’t just the outside of the vehicle we can upgrade, however: We love customizing interiors to give them extra flair as well through the following means:

  • Installing custom leather seats
  • Upgrading the sound system and navigation system
  • Installing and enabling Android Auto or Apple CarPlay connectivity

You may have more ideas about what needs modifying than what’s listed here, and we’re happy to work with you and make sure you get what you’re looking for.

New and Used Cars for Sale in Tampa, Shipped to You

No matter where you live, if you’re looking for the latest new cars for sale or simply want to spend less on a used vehicle with low mileage, you can have your vehicle of choice shipped to you from Florida Auto Sales Group. Even if you live on the west coast, for instance, you can still purchase and receive new and used cars for sale in Florida.

That means you can buy with confidence, knowing you’re not getting a car or truck that’s been driven through snow and turning rusty due to salted roads. In fact, the cars for sale Tampa has to offer have been in the Sunshine State since their initial manufacturing.

Visit our shipping page to see what it will cost to have a vehicle shipped to you. We feature prices for areas near each state’s capital, and each estimate includes insurance coverage.

Come Test Drive Our Vehicles

If you are a Tampa local, feel free to come by and check out our entire inventory. You can even click our “Schedule Test Drive” button before you arrive to select the specific vehicle(s) you want to drive. There’s no pressure to buy, of course; just a chance to see if one of our vehicles is what you’ve been looking for.

AutoCheck History Reports

At Florida Auto Sales Group, we only stock quality vehicles, and we ensure any and all upgrades are performed properly. That said, when you’re spending a considerable amount of money on a vehicle, you want to breathe easy, knowing you aren’t buying what amounts to a piece of junk. To that end, each one of our vehicles comes with an AutoCheck Score and complete service history so you can be assured of its quality.

Get Your Dream Jeep or Bronco at Florida Auto Sales Group

Florida Auto Sales Group doesn’t believe in driving boring vehicles. Every time you get behind the wheel, your car or truck should inspire you, excite you, and give you the driving experience you both desire and deserve. Feel free to pore through our inventory and contact us with any questions. If you don’t find what you want on our lot, we can always upgrade your existing vehicle or one of the models you want to purchase. Step into the car or truck you’ve been yearning for. Call Florida Auto Sales Group and get started today.


Vehicle & Car Shipping Delivery Service Quotes and Rates

The process of finding your dream car can be long and tedious. If you have specific wants and needs — perhaps a personalized custom Ford Bronco or attention-grabbing custom lifted Jeep Wrangler — the vehicle you’re looking for might be rare, lack the upgrades you want, be hard to find in good shape with low mileage, or any combination of the three.

In many cases, even when the perfect car for you does show up for sale, it is being sold hundreds or even thousands of miles away, leaving you wondering if there’s somehow a more practical approach. We believe Florida Auto Sales Group is the solution.

Car Shipping with Florida Auto Sales Group

As you browse our inventory, you can rest easy knowing each and every car and SUV you see is available through our vehicle shipping service. Regardless of where you live in the continental United States, car deliveries are available, and we’ll bring the vehicle of your choosing right to your front door.

Our car shipping service is straightforward from start to finish, and it serves as the best way to get your new vehicle to you with the least amount of risk in the shortest amount of time.

Factors that Affect Car Shipping Quotes

There are no blanket, one-size-fits-all vehicle delivery quotes, as specific car shipping rates depend upon the following factors:

  1. The Make and Model
  2. A Bentley Continental GTC may be smaller than a Chevy Suburban, but the former will still be the pricier one to ship. The more expensive the car, the more risk the shipper incurs, thus upping the costs to insure the delivery.

  3. The Vehicle’s Size and Weight
  4. Shipping a custom-lifted Jeep Gladiator will cost more than shipping a Honda Fit, as the larger and heavier a vehicle is, the more fuel it will require to be delivered, the more wear and tear it will put on the delivery vehicle, and the harder it will be to drive safely.

  5. Current Fuel Prices
  6. Fuel costs, especially for deliveries across long distances, can significantly raise vehicle delivery rates. A single tank of fuel for a large truck can cost hundreds of dollars.
  7. Your Exact Location
  8. If you live right off a main road or on a decently-sized street, a delivery truck can make it in with no issues. However, if the delivery requires driving through low-speed back roads, some of which aren’t paved, the delivery time (and costs) will increase.

  9. Open or Closed Carrier
  10. While open carriers are less expensive, they are indeed open to the environment. You may not mind your new SUV being in the open air if it lowers its shipping rates, but if you’re purchasing a collectible vehicle, for instance, a closed carrier may be for you. Just keep in mind that opting for a closed carrier can increase the price by as much as 60%.

Estimated Vehicle Shipping Quotes by Capital

The following car delivery rates are approximate, not exact. For precise vehicle shipping rates, call Florida Auto Sales Group at 813-748-8927.


  • Montgomery - $800


  • Phoenix - $1,300


  • Little Rock - $1050


  • Sacramento - $1,500


  • Denver - $1500


  • Hartford - $1250


  • Dover - $1000


  • Tallahassee - $550


  • Atlanta - $800


  • Boise - $1,450


  • Springfield - $1085


  • Indianapolis - $1050


  • Des Moines - $1125


  • Topeka - $1070


  • Frankfort - $1015


  • Baton Rouge - $895


  • Augusta - $1145


  • Annapolis - $1075


  • Boston - $1175


  • Lansing - $1160


  • Saint Paul - $1250


  • Jackson - $1065


  • Jefferson City - $1210


  • Helena - $1475


  • Lincoln - $1230


  • Carson City - $1485

New Hampshire

  • Concord - $1140

New Jersey

  • Trenton - $1070

New Mexico

  • Santa Fe - $1400

New York

  • Albany - $1140

North Carolina

  • Raleigh - $970

North Dakota

  • Bismarck - $1355


  • Columbus - $1100


  • Oklahoma City - $1120


  • Salem - $1615


  • Harrisburg - $1030

Rhode Island

  • Providence - $1150

South Carolina

  • Columbia - $840

South Dakota

  • Pierre - $1465


  • Nashville - $890


  • Austin - $990


  • Salt Lake City - $1450


  • Montpelier - $1195


  • Richmond - $925


  • Olympia - $1530

West Virginia

  • Charleston - $1025


  • Madison - $1075


  • Cheyenne - $1250

How the Shipping Process Works

After you call Florida Auto Sales Group for a quote and agree to ship your new car or SUV, we’ll arrange the following details with the carrier:

  1. Delivery Time
  2. The shipping process can span across several weeks, though the closer you live to Florida Auto Sales Group, the shorter that time will be.

  3. Paperwork
  4. On your end, we’ll need to see proof of your car insurance and a copy of your photo ID. On our end, we’ll take care of the bill of lading, a receipt that acts as a record of the entire transaction. It documents the condition of your vehicle prior to and following the delivery and proves that the car was shipped.

  5. Preparation
  6. When delivering vehicles, we make sure their fuel tanks are (near) empty to lower the overall shipping weight. Your new car will be cleaned thoroughly before shipment, and we’ll take photos of it to demonstrate its solid shape.

  7. Tracking
  8. We want you to rest easy knowing your car is on its way and safe. With that being said, you’ll be able to know where your vehicle is at all times.

  9. Making an Appointment for Drop-Off
  10. We’ll work out a delivery location ahead of time. Whether you want to have the vehicle shipped to your house, your office, or a neutral third location, the choice is yours. Of course, a place that has easy ingress and egress for a delivery truck is ideal. Not only will it make the delivery easier, but it will also reduce shipping costs and any risks to your new vehicle.

Advantages of a Car Delivery Service

Vehicle shipping makes the purchasing process far simpler, especially when you’re located many states away from the seller, for these reasons:

  1. You Save Money on Travel
  2. Without the need to travel hundreds of miles, you won’t have to buy plane tickets or fuel for a long drive.

  3. You Won’t Have to Figure Out Directions
  4. Even in the age of GPS, unexpected route changes and delays still pop up, leaving you sitting in traffic jams or on unfamiliar streets with a poor GPS signal.

  5. It Saves Time
  6. Letting a vehicle delivery service handle the logistics means you won’t have to take off from work or use up spare time to retrieve your vehicle.

  7. Your Car Is Protected
  8. Driving your new car home exposes it to unnecessary dangers. When it’s on the back of a vehicle delivery truck, there are far fewer opportunities for damage or theft.

  9. Your Insurance Will Be Lower
  10. Taking a long trip across multiple states in your new car can increase your insurance premiums, especially if you get into an accident.

  11. You Can Ship More than One Car
  12. If you’re receiving multiple delivery quotes for multiple cars, you can save money and time by having one carrier take care of all of them for you.

  13. You Lower Your Personal Risk
  14. Putting yourself in the driver’s seat for such a lengthy drive increases your chances of getting into an accident.

  15. You Reduce Wear on Your New Car
  16. Your car will only be new once, so it wouldn’t be wise to add hundreds or thousands of miles to the odometer simply by bringing it home, especially if the vehicle has a specific break-in period that may require long periods of relaxed, low-speed driving.

    Why Shop with Florida Auto Sales Group?

    Whether you want a custom-lifted Ford Bronco or Jeep Wrangler, we stock the finest examples of SUVs with the most desirable and tastefully installed upgrades and modifications. We also perform upgrades ourselves, so if you want to purchase a Jeep Gladiator and add some new rims, a sound system, and custom leather upholstery, for instance, we can do it.

    Furthermore, we provide a no-pressure experience. You deserve to shop for a car in peace, so we’re here to ensure you get exactly the vehicle or custom upgrades you want with excellent customer service and fast turnaround times. Contact Florida Auto Sales Group for personalized car delivery quotes and have your dream vehicle delivered right to your door before you know it.

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